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Analysis regarding Drinks Sum to Times Consumption in summer and you will Wintertime

Analysis regarding Drinks Sum to Times Consumption in summer and you will Wintertime

Tool out of Human Nourishment, Company away from Dinner Research and Human Nutrition, Farming College or university out-of Athens, 75 Iera Odos St., Athens 11855, Greece; E-Mails: (O.M.); (V.B.); (A great.Z.)

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All drinks hydrate and most also provide nutrients and energy. Our objective was to evaluate the contribution of drinks to total energy intake in summer and winter. Data were obtained using the Water Balance Questionnaire (WBQ) from a sample of the general population in Athens, Greece (n = 984), 473 individuals (42 ± 18 years) in summer and 511 individuals (38 ± 20 years) in winter stratified by sex and age. The WBQ embeds a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire of 58 foods and the Short International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Data were analyzed for the contribution of drinks to total energy intake. In winter, total energy intake was 2082 ± 892 kcal/day; energy intake from drinks was 479 ± 286 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1860 ± 390 kcal/day. In summer, total energy intake was 1890 ± 894 kcal/day, energy intake from drinks 492 ± 499 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1830 ± 491 kcal/day. Energy intake from drinks in summer was higher than in winter (p < 0.001)> Keywords: water balance questionnaire WBQ, winter, summer, hydration, sugar-sweetened drinks, drink

step 1. Introduction

Beverages about types of teas, coffees, milk, juices, soft drinks, diet beverages, energy beverages and you can alcoholic drinks come in a huge and you will expanding amount of options. Assortment meets preferences needs, nutritional conditions, and you will existence requires, of course multiple drinks are available, it is prone to visited euhydration .

Products contribute up to 25%–50% from water intake [2,step three,4], ergo he is very important to fulfilling daily h2o requires and achieving euhydration. Hydration has been of this restoration of normal physical and cognitive characteristics .

not, it’s been debated one to products lead notably with the expanding obesity prices globally [six,7], due to their energy stuff [8,9,10]. In a few degree, Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB) application might have been in the weight gain in kids and you may adults , whenever you are research you to definitely coming down SSBs commonly reduce the threat of obesity and you will related disease such diabetes could have been seen just like the powerful . Times consumption from products has increased considerably over the past forty years by the just as much as 222 calorie consumption per people everyday .

Nevertheless, beverages from the certain kinds don’t lead equally so you’re able to time consumption . The ability posts of the take in in addition to use models may indicate or even, we.elizabeth., particular caloric products can be consumed barely for this reason contributing little or no so you can day-after-day opportunity intake. It has been argued that replacing sweetened caloric drinks which have liquid will help eradicate complete energy intake for the obese consumers . Nonetheless, use of sweetened caloric products is actually an elaborate point that may be looked at not in the caloric sum as well as in the framework out of dietary activities .

Additionally, at exactly the same time in order to dining consumption, certain factors particularly seasonality, physical working out membership and you may sex can affect the latest diversity into the drink options and you will sum to help you total energy intake. These types of activities have not been completely investigated; further knowledge in this region often elucidate the current matter-of opportunity consumption away from slimming down provide and away from drinks specifically.

Within the a previous analysis used into the Greece, using the Liquids Harmony Survey (WBQ) tool, we found that when you look at the 984 adults, 24% out of intake of water comes from drinks . There can be an enthusiastic unequivocal need to subsequent involved throughout these results, elucidating the fresh new contribution off beverages to full times intake and you will equilibrium.

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