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Yet another layer off issues inquiring whether female was basically used to HPV

Yet another layer off issues inquiring whether female was basically used to HPV

Brand new questionnaire consisted of step 3 pieces. Area We provided inquiries away from socio-group study (years, level of knowledge, parity, familial income, community, current relationship standing, sexual activity, history of HPV vaccination, and you will reputation of unpredictable cervical disease evaluating).

Part II comprised of 6 questions relating to the target women who will be processed, many years to begin with, volume, decades or requirements to end out of tests, and methods out-of tests. Only the people that has heard away from HPV would go-ahead so you’re able to Region III and therefore analyzed knowledge about HPV out of its type (oncogenic or non-oncogenic), mode away from alert and you will cures.

Before the studies, the brand new questionnaire of area II and you will region III in the Thai version have been contemplated, talked about, and changed up to consensus one of 20 experts who were all gynecologic oncologists (specific kvinder Laotian was experts various other parallel education). The professionals ranked all of 19 concerns once the either ‘relevant’ or ‘perhaps not relevant’. The thing-peak Articles Authenticity Directory (I-CVI) try calculated per items, therefore the Blogs Authenticity List (CVI) are determined by using the average ratio away from 14 questions regarding knowledge about cervical malignant tumors tests and you will 5 questions relating to HPV. The fresh new CVI were step one for elements of the brand new questionnaire (S1 Desk). The new accuracy was looked at for the 29 feminine with the exact same feature once the members. The latest Cronbach’ leader coefficients into the precision was in fact 0.819 to possess understanding of cervical cancer tumors evaluation and 0.907 to possess information about HPV.

Data collection

To the date regarding scheduled colposcopy, the study secretary offered advice of studies to your women whom found introduction conditions. The ladies exactly who provided to take part provided authored told concur and replied the brand new questionnaire on their own by themselves just before proceeding so you can colposcopy.

Studies obtained for this studies was in fact socio-demographic data (Region We of survey), experience in cervical cancer tumors testing (Part II), and you can experience in HPV (Region III).

Mathematical investigation

The brand new answers of knowledge about cervical cancer tumors examination and you can HPV was indeed examined by for each and every product prior to rating categorization. Proper respond to is scored given that 1 while ‘incorrect and you will not knowing answer’ is actually obtained 0.

Out-of 14 issues out of cervical cancers examination, women whoever get was ? ten was basically arbitrarily categorized as the that have ‘good knowledge’ if not have been regarded as having “bad training”. To have experience in HPV, female whoever address are ‘never ever observed HPV’ was indeed omitted in the investigation regarding HPV training.

Away from 5 concerns, female whose score was in fact ? step 3 had been regarded as that have ‘a great knowledge of HPV’ normally just like the ‘bad knowledge’. Off 19 inquiries, women whoever get have been ? 13 had been categorized while the that have ‘an excellent overall knowledge’ normally once the ‘unhealthy overall knowledge’.

All of the data was compiled inside an electronic databases and you may analyzed playing with SPSS V.26.0 (SPSS, Inc., Chi town, IL, USA). Descriptive statistics were used to analyze market study and was described as the amounts that have commission, suggest having basic departure otherwise average with variety. Brand new connection ranging from for each and every adjustable and you can training score had been reviewed having fun with simple linear regression. Exploratory model was made inside multivariable research plus most of the parameters potentially regarding the knowledge score. The brand new experienced level of analytical relevance are a great p-worth of 0.05 or shorter.


Out of 500 women who met inclusion criteria and were invited to the study, one ong 499 women who responded to the questionnaire about knowledge of cervical cancer and screening (part II) and knowledge about HPV (part II), two did not provide personal information. So demographic data were available in only 497 women (Table 1). The mean age of 497 participants was years (SD ± ). More than half of the participants were aged < 40>

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