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You probably remember that brand new Russian troops, who had been into outskirts regarding Kiev, withdrew from there

You probably remember that brand new Russian troops, who had been into outskirts regarding Kiev, withdrew from there

He watched almost everything

“I am not planning to stay on the causes. With no Zelensky repulsed anything indeed there. Putin withdrew these troops later on. How would the guy [Zelensky] keeps defended they? Performed the guy ruin the new Russian military truth be told there? No. Thanks to this he states the guy the amount of time a brave feat one hadn’t occurred. Putin withdrew such soldiers off Kiev,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “He was seated in the a root basement during the time, Diana. Your own Zelensky is resting in the a-root basements back then. Although armed forces saw the way it perform end.”

“We tend to criticize Volodya Zelensky. Getting his not enough feel, ostentatious conclusion. They have for ages been like that. They played a part. But really, once i have previously told you, so it issues come from Leonid Danilovich [Ukraine’s second Chairman Leonid Kuchma]. There was zero obvious strategy in those adresa days; it was an ago-and-ahead,” your face regarding county said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled his meeting with Chairman out of Russia Boris Yeltsin and you will President regarding Ukraine Leonid Kuchma that occurred pursuing the constitutional referendum when you look at the Belarus: “Leonid Danilovich become speaking of Ukraine and you can Yeltsin told you: “Pay attention, Aleksandr Grigorievich, thinking about help him write a decent composition and you may keep a referendum. I told you, better, becoming serious, I am willing to pitch within the.”

The guy didn’t strive somebody and you may didn’t repulse one thing

Depending on the Belarusian head out-of county, a good draft composition was created in addition to Ukrainian pros. “It had been a great deal more, therefore to express, democratic than simply that of Belarus and you may Russia. However it are like ours. Which composition will have spared Ukraine out of you to chaos you to took place afterwards. This composition was able. Thoughts polls ideal (i did not mask the fact that I became in the procedure) that the Ukrainians could have served it. But go out are going by plus they was kicking the fresh new is also down the road,” your head out-of state noted. “As to the reasons very? He [Leonid Kuchma] asserted that the fresh new Verkhovna Rada would not citation it structure. We objected: Listen, you haven’t also recorded they on Verkhovna Rada yet ,; and indeed, does it extremely opposed to mans tend to? You might hold good referendum. You could potentially place it in order to choose inside the a referendum, have it accepted and submit to the fresh Verkhovna Rada,” Aleksandr Lukashenko appreciated.

“Put simply, that has been among possibilities. That has been in which all of it become. Kuchma, upcoming Yushchenko, then Yanukovich. The difficulties had been snowballing. Finally it all originated through to Volodya Zelensky, he was not a politician, he was inexperienced, government are just not his topic. But the guy promised (inside you to definitely film Servant of the people) to handle oligarchs, theft, crooks or other problems and also to sort out problems up to Ukraine, a highly breathtaking and you may steeped country. They have generated his bed, now he need rest in it. He or she is not exactly the best man because of it job,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told you.

“Again, Zelensky is not the just one at fault. It is a fact, he had been maybe not doing the job. However, was just about it more relaxing for anybody else? Was it easier for Putin as he turned into President? Or was it more comfortable for Belarusians? Belarus was a container instance, we had no money, nothing. We had been leftover in a good pickle. We printed this type of banknotes portraying bunnies, think of?” your head away from state asked.

The head out of state appreciated exactly how anything created in Ukraine not as much as various other Presidents. There’s the opportunity to avoid combat, but it was not utilized. The fresh new beginner Ukrainian Chairman Vladimir Zelensky, just who came to fuel with the assistance of your Western and you can first off the united states, failed to handle the challenge.

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