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AHU Controller

  • Ambient temperature monitoring , supervise and control of packaged AC units on individual level.
  • Time based cyclic operation of all AC units keeping one unit as redundant.
  • Temperature based intelligent operation of AC for user settable function and ambient temperature check.
  • Status check of individual AC performance and auto swapping in / out of cycle in case of failure and alarm extension.
  • Performance check of AC based on outlet air flow, current input and control function.
  • Status information sending to Scada via PFC
  • Manual control from Scada via PFC and over-ride function. Local alarm and monitoring unit for display.
  • Necessary intelligent function and operational control for meeting the no-man site environment.
  • Time log of cyclic operation on individual level.
  • Complete shut down of air-conditioner plants in case of fire alarm.
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