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Testing Solutions

Industrial testing solutions covers an extremely diverse range of applications, spanning across different industries and wider variety of equipment testing. Automating test processes is a cost-efficient and scalable way to improve throughput and quality in your production. From single test stations to customized turnkey solutions, we provide state-ofthe-art solutions for different test applications.

Customized Solutions

We develop new customized products. We design, assemble and test the customized solution to create the solution that best meets your requirements, to provide an added-value factor to your products and help you gain a foothold in new markets. The solutions are design to solve specific industrial problem. The software for the solutions is completely designed by our team.

Load Bank (AC / DC)

We design & deliver Load Bank – • 12V to 750 VAC/DC • 2Amp to 2000 Amp We offer fully controlled load bank enables user for accurate testing / inspection.

Select Your Applications:

  • Factory testing of power equipment such as Engine diesel Generator, AC/DC Rectifiers, SMPS etc
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • Battery / UPS Testing
  • EV Charger Testing
  • Load optimization in Prime Power applications
  • Removal of carbon build-up on piston rings
  • Load Rejection test etc.

Battery Testing System

Battery testing gives the tester insight into the battery system's health and clues as to whether the cells may lose their owners money or jeopardize the safety of employees. The system will give you voltage and current monitoring and logging. The user can perform battery discharge testing and ensure the quality.

Machinery Health Manager

The solution — a way to reduce these wasteful efforts — is conditionbased monitoring, a maintenance approach based on monitoring and reacting to the performance state of equipment, with the goal of remedying possible failures well before they lead to equipment shutdowns. The System can send Email / SMS / WhatsApp Alerts based on the condition related to machinery which can lead to failure. For example, If any machine is having safe limit of xyz (m/s2) Vibration and when the limit is exceeded due to any abnormality the system will generate the alert.

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