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Monitoring the condition of assets across a manufacturing facility helps identify problems before accident or failures occur, preventing costly production stops. Typical target assets include high- and low-voltage installations, turbines, compressors, and other electrical and mechanical equipment. Sometimes processes need to be monitored because an anomaly can cause dangerous situations. For example, machinery that have a high temperature need to be monitored to see if they are within the safe limit.

Hotspot Detection System​

Some critical electrical and mechanical installations in manufacturing companies and utilities are monitored 24/7 with a thermal imaging camera. Heat buildup indicates poor equipment health and possible impending failure. With a fixed-mounted thermal imaging camera, you don’t need to rely on periodic inspections. Instead, the camera can monitor several pieces of equipment simultaneously, sending temperature data to your asset data historian and activating alarms if temperature thresholds are exceeded. Industrial thermal automation sensors provide multi-zone, wide-area, non-contact, continuous temperature monitoring of assets. This temperature data can be combined with vibration, current, dissolved gas, and many other types of sensor data so that companies can gain deep insight into their asset health. Electric utilities that are successful doing this can improve the reliability of their grid, lower operational, capital costs while extending asset life and prevent from major accidents like fire.

Select Your Applications:

  • OHE (Over-Head Equipment)
  • Metal Thinning
  • Food Processing
  • Coal Pile Monitoring
  • Sub-Station Monitoring
  • Waste Bunker Monitoring
  • Cement Kiln Shell Monitoring
  • Ladle Monitoring / Casting Units
  • PCB Manufacturing / Testing
  • Defogger Testing
  • Human Body Temperature Checking
  • AC / DC Motors
  • Fire Sensitive Area

Vehicle Speed Detection System

Vehicle speed detection is very important for observing speed limitation law and it also demonstrates traffic conditions and most important for safety. The system is calibrated based on geometrical equations that were supported directly by using references. System calibration for exact measurements may be possible while accurate speed estimation can still be quite difficult to achieve. The designed system has the ability to be extended to another related traffic application. The average error of the detected vehicle speed was ± 7 km/h and the experiment was operated at different resolutions and different video sequences.

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NPR System for Vehicles

The system of vehicle number plate detection and recognition is used to detect the plates then make the recognition of the plate that is to extract the text from an image and all that thanks to the calculation modules that use location algorithms, segmentation plate and character recognition.

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Machine Parameter Alert System

The solution — a way to reduce these wasteful efforts — is condition-based monitoring, a maintenance approach based on monitoring and reacting to the performance state of equipment, with the goal of remedying possible failures well before they lead to equipment shutdowns.
The System can send Email / SMS / WhatsApp Alerts based on the condition related to machinery which can lead to failure. For example, If any machine is having safe limit of xyz (m/s2) Vibration and when the limit is exceeded due to any abnormality the system will generate the alert.

Periphery Security System

Security is most important factor in this digital world. A laser-based security system is a type of security alarm that uses a light sensor and laser light. In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate a circuit of a laser security alarm system that will detect any irregular activity and will produce sound using a buzzer. Our solution can also send immediate email / SMS notification.

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